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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, December 20, 2014

A blessing or a curse?

As I said yesterday,  I was blessed from my company with an unexpected bonus,  a raise and back pay. It is important for me to tithe.  I don't believe that God requires tithes and offerings to go only to the standard church structure.

So part of my giving went to friends of mine that work with an overseas mission.  And when I was nearly homeless and without a job,  the Salvation Army was there for me.  $100 went into their red kettle today. 

Years ago when I was getting back on my feet, the Lord moved me to pay for another vehicles meal at a drive through at a fast food restaurant.  A few years after that a local radio station started the "drive through difference" by paying for the vehicle/person behind you.  The behind me part is always a complication.

Today I felt moved to bless some one. But when I got to the restaurant,  I was the only vehicle in the drive through. I giggled when the woman on the headset announced "3 Dobermans in the drive through." The manager showed up.  And we talked for quite a while.  I had shared about wanting to pay for the meal behind me but when I finally pulled away I was still the only vehicle in the lane. As I pulled around the building, someone drove up. I followed them as I fed the dogs and ate my own bunless burger.

It was funny,  when I pulled up I announced,  "This is the dog lady. I want to pay for that vehicles meal." Normally it is an issue paying for the vehicle in front of you when they only have one window.  They are afraid of drive offs. But the manager and I had made a good connection as she has three bulldogs. When I paid,  a different manager offered to bless me with a Frosty which I passed on accepting. I could tell by the looks on the faces inside the restaurant that the employees were as blessed as I felt by blessing others.

So where is the curse?  ...not today!  Choose to have a blessed day and bless others!

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