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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Rainman day ...

I often have very random thoughts.  I will see something that catches my eye and distracts me.  At times after recognizing the distraction I yell "bird!" (Others yell "squirrel! ")
Today I was hitting every light red as I drove through St. Cloud.  At one light I looked down and noticed that the odometer was exactly 47,000 miles.  Immediately I thought, "I should take a picture of this!" (What can I say, St. Cloud has excessively long lights. )
When the stoplight is too long ...
Then when I pulled into Sam's Club for gas I saw how low the gas price was and thought,  "I haven't seen prices that low in a long time.  I am already being a bit like Rainman today.  I will take a picture of it." Thank goodness for digital cameras in the phones.
Gas prices are dropping
At the park by the lake with the girls,  I noticed how the snow drift looked like a wave frozen right as it was about to crash into the beach.

The drift of snow like a frozen wave
What can I say, I woke up with a strange dream and it set the day!   ...I was driving in a caravan with Dale at night.  He turned a corner and disappeared.  As dreams do; I was suddenly walking and wondering where Dale had gone and what had happened to my car.  It was dawn and as I approached a building two bears started after me. I made it inside it was a radio station.  There were several people inside and they locked themselves into separate rooms.   The bears pushed through the front doors and came down the long hall towards me. The first one caught up to me as I was in a double door entryway.  I turned around and slugged the bear.  It hit it's head against the door and went down as the second bear came through the door.  I surprised it from behind and was able to put a choke hold on it until it passed out.  As it passed out it changed from a bear to a human.  Then I woke up. 
I wondered if a man that turns into a wolf is a werewolf is a man that turns into a bear a werebear?

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