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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Has Seattle come to Minnesota this December?

It is a balmy 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  It has been misting all afternoon and this evening the fog rolled in enveloping us in it's blanket of humidity. This is so NOT a typical Minnesota winter.  We are only about 25 degrees above normal but those few degrees are making such a HUGE difference.
The Fire Hall
When I came home, I looked over the vacant lot and was surprised to see that the only thing visible of the nearby Fire Hall was the lights.  I turned the other direction and realized that the Village Hall just across the road was blanketed in fog.
Village Hall
I watched the vehicle's lights coming down the road.  It was almost to the alley when I could finally see what kind of vehicle was coming by.  Luckily, there aren't too many vehicles on the road this evening.  The piles of snow that was on the ground is now almost gone and I have to park on the road because my driveway is so wet that when I drove in last night, it caused a small rut. 
I can finally make out the vehicle.
There has already been so many things that are disturbing the feeling of Christmas this year.  This weather isn't helping the matter.  I think that I'm going to need to find a proactive approach to take the bah-humbug out of this Christmas Season.

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