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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Life is like a roll of toilet paper

The closer you get to the end - the faster it goes.

It feels like they just picked up the garbage yesterday and tonight, there I was putting the trash out again.  There are so many tasks that we do frequently in our daily lives.  The fact that they come so frequently really makes it feel like it is going fast.

The older we get, the more that piles on our plate (either by choice or by our bosses.) We each have 24 hours in a day but as we try go get the additional tasks done within that time frame it feels like we have less time.  It is similar to the supply and demand that affects the prices in the marketplace.  The "supply" is hours and the "demand" are the activities that we are trying to complete. 

Of course, with time and tasks there are some that can be postponed.  This week I am in the mood to postpone everything that I can.  I wish that I had a weeks vacation to just lay around for a few days before actually doing anything.

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