Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

No bones about it ...

Monday, I gave each of the girls a new bone.  These were smoked rib bones (from a cow) that I had purchased at the meat market.  Duchess and Sonjia were laying in the middle of the room with their bones.
Duchess digging into her bone
Misty Blue wasn't interested in chewing on her bone today.  So she stuffed it in the middle of the big blanket on the couch then laid on top of it.  Then she watched every move that Sonjia and Duchess made.  Just to make sure that no one was going to take her bone.
I'm watching you!
Duchess wanted to lay on the couch for awhile and Misty's position over the bone was getting in the way.  It didn't help that Duchess sniffed the blanket as if to say "I know your bone is hidden in there." Then she gave her a doggie kiss and cleaned her ear.  But Misty would not move.  I had to go over there and pull her over with the blanket so that Duchess had enough room on the couch to rest.
The heart of a Doberman
I didn't realize until after I took the picture.  Don't they look like they are forming a heart snuggled together like they are in the picture? 

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