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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Reality to dreams

I turned 50 this year and the doctors think that I am falling apart. I have had a string of doctors appointments in the last 30 days ending today with my first colonoscopy.  I have many older friends that have had several colonoscopies. They have all said that the worst part was the prep. 

All I have to say is "I don't get it."  The only thing that I had a problem with was the fact that I couldn't have nuts and seeds for 5 days.  It was especially challenging the evening before I started the clear liquid diet.  I wanted one last treat and everything that I went to reach for had either nuts or seeds in it. 

The actual final cleans was MiraLax mixed with Gatorade. Other than the excessive sugar in the product, it went down smoothly.  And it went through smoothly.  I was up every one to two hours throughout the night going to the bathroom.  Normally it is the dogs getting me up at random intervals, so I guess that wasn't a difficult thing for me. 

I was put out for the procedure itself and I was home by 10 AM.  I studied on the way down and in the waiting room before and after the procedure.  With a shortened lunch, I was able to have everything done without taking any time off from work.  The good news was everything was A-Okay!  Not even one polyp. There is colon cancer on both sides of the family and the risk is high.  So I will need to have it checked again in 5 years.

On the dream side, for the past six months I have been doing some wishing.  I am intrigued with Kay's Artistry Diamonds, LeVian Mixberry Diamonds, or Zales Candy Colored Diamonds.  The idea of being able to create a vividly colored diamond in a lab peaks my interest.  I love the blue ones.

Mixberry Diamonds
My absolute favorite are the chocolate diamonds.  From the first commercial that I saw, I have wanted a ring, necklace or earrings with chocolate diamonds.  A dream is a wish the heart makes.  I might as well put it on my bucket list; they actually have a white gold ring with chocolate and blue diamonds.  It is only $999.99 which is a bargain I'm sure! 
Chocolate that Lasts Forever

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