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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, December 7, 2014

A flawed design

This fall our carpet cleaner died on us. So I purchased the new cleaner yesterday and decided to try it today.  The number one complaint of carpet cleaners is that they leak.

I had worked through about 5 tanks of water (about gallon size tanks) when it started leaking.  I was so frustrated and disappointed.

After looking at the machine closer I realized that it wasn't leaking but that it has a flawed design.  The clean water reservoir sits on a contoured shelf. At the back of the shelf and in part of the handle is a hole.  If you put the clean water in place and don't immediately start cleaning,  water builds up and leaks out of the handle. 

It cleans well but I am not sure if we are going  keep it. Such a strange design.

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