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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, October 31, 2014

Snack time

After seeing the chickadees picking off the sunflower on the ground.  I decided to move the shepherd hook and put it over where the sunflower was growing.  When I took down the sunflowers from the other side of the garden, I saved the heads.  I will put them out until they are gone.
Winter Sunflower Feeder
One of the chickadees noticed the misplaced sunflower head and decided to check it out. (All of these photos are take through window and screen.)

This is new ...

The Chickadee investigated the seeds carefully choosing to target one specific seed.  It was fun to see that tiny little head twist and turn with curiosity.
Hmm Do I see anything good?
I saw the bird look straight at me before flying away.  When I examined the picture, I noticed that unlike the other day when it pulled a whole seed and shell out, this time the bird had only the seed in it's mouth.  It flew away with the snack ready to eat or share with a friend.  

Hate to eat and fly, but ....
I guess if they drop some sunflower seeds here, I really don't mind.  That would be a good flower for the summer to block the traffic from the road.  That is what I don't care for living in town.  Pros and Cons for everything :^)

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