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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, October 24, 2014

Can I blow your mind? How is this for reducing Cholesterol?

From much of the research that I have been doing, they are beginning to do studies that are proving carbohydrates increase fat in your body and can adversely affect cholesterol.  My results are not statistically significant but they are encouraging and surprising. 

I am sure that you have seen the way that I have been eating in 2014.  Very low carb and high diet.  In the last 4 weeks I have increased my complex carbohydrates and calories and as a result I have lost weight.  So what has eating high fat done to my cholesterol?  - decreased it!

                            April results     October results    Target
Cholesterol          212 mg/dl          193 mg/dl            <200
Triglycerides       127 mg/dl          114 mg/dl            <150
HDL                      61 mg/dl            60 mg/dl            40 or >
LDL-Calculated  126 mg/dl          110 mg/dl            <130
*L/H Ratio           2.1                      1.8                     1.0-4.7

I am very appalled at the fact that my doctor is actually requesting that I start on a statin!  NO WAY!  Although my cholesterol levels are close to the target levels, they are falling more within the levels than they have in years.  I will need to educate my doctor a little bit more.  It really makes me wonder about the conspiracy theory that doctors are receiving kick backs from pharmaceutical companies. 

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