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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, October 13, 2014

What do you think? I am down 7 pounds in my first 2 weeks!

I have been asked a few times lately is "weren't you on a different diet lately?"  I am working hard to understand what is right for my body, my lifestyle.  Last winter, I started a low carb, high fat diet that was designed to have 3 phases.  Phase one made a fabulous impact in my weight, energy level, and lowered by blood sugars to levels that astonished my doctor. 
Phase 2 was to add more healthy carbohydrates.  My problem is that is something that I have never learned "what a healthy carbohydrate is."  I have been looking for a program that can help me learn with a need to with the next step. seems to be a good choice. 
After I signed up, I realized that they had a program that was designated specifically for sugar control for diabetics.  I have not subscribed to that yet and my sugars are coming down significantly as well as my weight.     
2 eggs, bacon and tomato
Day 13 started out with 2 eggs, bacon and a tomato.  My morning snack (while driving to Sauk Rapids) was 1 ounce Macadamia nuts.  When I got home, I realize that I had forgotten to do two things.  Hard boil the eggs for the egg salad and remove the dressing from the refrigerator.  I modified the recipe and it turned out pretty good.  At that point I didn't care, I arrived home much later than I had planned.  I was VERY hungry.
Egg salad with 2 cups of sautéed veggies
I did some yard work after eating lunch.  I worked up enough of an appetite to be hungry again for a late afternoon snack.  I used several romaine lettuce leaves layered with turkey and Dijon mustard.  It was a strange wrap but it worked.  Apples are another one of those things that I don't care for raw (well, raw doused in caramel sauce but that doesn't count.)  So I cooked the apple with cinnamon it smells as good as it tastes!
Turkey lettuce wrap with a  side of cinnamon apples
Supper was the last of my leftover dark meat chicken freshened up with sautéed vegetables and served on a bed of lettuce with a few bites of tomatoes.  I still don't care much for tomatoes but if I can disguise them in a bite of food that I do like, it works okay.
Dark meat chicken with sautéed veggies on a salad
Day 14 is a free day.  I can eat anything as long as I don't eat until I'm stuffed.  For breakfast, I had a 2 egg omelet with sausage, mushrooms and topped with cheese.  Then I started cooking.  I made Pumpkin cheese cake and coco-whips and I tasted a serving of each of them (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). I posted the recipes yesterday afternoon.  Cooking is the most fun when you can sample your food.  For lunch, I had 3 ounces of liver pate.  With my supper, I didn't eat the whole steak.  We have very spoiled dogs and I shared the meat with them. 
Steak, cooked cabbage and salad
If you are looking for a good way to lose or maintain your weight, create a healthy lifestyle where food is concerned then I would recommend you check out  Their goal is not put you on a diet but to help you create a lifestyle of healthy eating.  They have coaches available.  Because I am in an educational learning mode I have contacted the coaches a few times.  I find them very easy to work with and very understanding that everyone is an individual and needs to figure out what will work for them.  I am still in the learning stage.  This week I will plan my own meals and with the assistance of a coach, I have planned a few changes to the meal plan that will hopefully help my body's metabolism.
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