Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, October 30, 2014


Even the clouds today said "I am cold!" The wind was blowing in from the North and the 48 degrees felt a good ten degrees colder.  Despite the sad cold feeling, there was a drama in the colors of the clouds that drew me in ... from greys to a bright blue and the bit of sunshine peeking through!
Late fall cold skies blowing in
It takes me a while to adjust to the winter cold.  And the year of 2014 for the spring, summer and fall it seems like it has been so windy in comparison to other years. And that wind blows cold through and through.  I will be begging for snow just after Thanksgiving, if we haven't seen any by that point.  There is just a tradition of having the snow on the ground for the Christmas Holiday in Minnesota. Oh NO! I can't be talking about Christmas already! 
I wanna be a storm Clouds
I am not going to be around for Halloween.  I have a doctors appointment in the afternoon that will be taking me out of town. I am sure as soon as I get back to town, we will be going out for supper.  It will be interesting with Halloween on a Friday to see how busy that the neighborhood bars will be.  

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