Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, October 17, 2014

It took them all summer ...

....but Sonjia and Misty Blue finally spent a significant amount of time playing outside in the fenced in yard.  It was a beautiful day in the mid 60's and the sun had moved across the yard so it was equal amounts of sun and shade.
Sonjia and Misty Blue play in the yard
They are such big babies that normally they like to be sitting in the same room that I am in so that they make sure that I don't run out leaving them home alone.  Yes, they are spoiled. 

But these two babies at 14 months and 20 months old love to play tag and wrestle with each other.  There have been a few times that they have played chase within the 2000 + square foot fenced in area but as soon as I walk near the door they are under foot waiting to get inside.  Thursday, I let them out and to my surprise they did not beg to get right back inside. I carefully peaked outside to see them playing peacefully in the yard.  (The fuzzy picture was taken through the door window.) 

Then it turned cold.  Maybe we will have a few more warm days for them to enjoy the yard.

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