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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


The little things in life can bring pleasure.  I have noticed in the morning when I open the curtains by my desk that there are some chickadees that like to take a couple of seeds from this sunflower.  I didn't plant the sunflower.  It was a natural growth probably from a bird.
Bird planted sunflower
I had to giggle in the afternoon when I saw a chickadee return.  It carefully picked up a seed and took it over to the brick pillar and dropped it into the hole.  At first when I saw it land on the top of the pillar, I thought that it was going to use the brick to crack open the seed.  I was surprised when I saw it push it far into the hole.
A small hole in a cement pillar

Then it took another one and headed to the electric line pole that a woodpecker likes to peck at and create holes. I am not sure if it found a hole or crack large enough to stash it in. But it was sure trying before it flew away.  Maybe next time I will actually be able to get a picture of the chickadees.  I put up a shepherd's hook and hung a feeder with some sunflower heads from the garden.  Maybe the birds will plant a few more in that section of the garden. :^)
Woodpeckers favorite telephone pole

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