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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Birthday Celebration

Yes today was my birthday! I have made it through another year of life.  Dale took me to St. Cloud for supper at Bonanza.  On the way to St. Cloud we had a bit of a discussion.  Dale isn't into celebrating birthdays.  He said that it just means you are one year closer to death.  I told him that it also means that you have successfully navigated through an additional year or life.  Everything has either a positive or negative aspect to it.  I work hard to maintain the positive viewpoint in life.  And yes, sometimes that takes a lot of work.

I started out supper with a salad loaded with vegetables.  My treat at the salad bar was their "chocolate mousse."  I had a heaping tablespoon full.
Salad Bar
I had told Dale over the weekend that when we came to St. Cloud, I wanted to purchase a new pair of shoes.  Dad had sent me some birthday money and I was in need of a pair of around town shoes that I can use when I am walking the dogs.  (I have a bad habit of stepping the backs of my shoes down.) These have a re-enforced back on them.
New Shoes
For my main meal I ordered grilled steak and grilled shrimp.  It came with a potato of choice which I didn't plan on eating anyways.  
Steak and Shrimp Dinner
If I am going to have a good, not healthy "cheat" for my birthday it is going to be bites of the desserts.  The desserts are not pre-cut so you can take as much or as little as you like.  I took 1-2 small bites of each dessert I chose.  Apple crisp, multi-berry crisp, pumpkin bar, chocolate fudge cake and twist ice-cream.
A dessert sampling

The drive up was absolutely beautiful! I kicked myself for not grabbing my real camera.  The sun was bright in the sky with no clouds looming.  I managed to catch a couple of shots with the cell phone.  Some of the sections looked bright and reflected to colors with brilliance.
Past Peak colors of Mustard Yellow, Orange and Rust
Other areas did not have any yellow in the trees.  That gave them more of a muted look.  I still think it has created a beautiful pallet of colors!  Yes! It was a wonderful birthday!
Muted Colors of Fall
Earlier in the day, I was craving a peanut butter cup.  So I made my own healthier version and decided to put a candle in it for an added feeling of celebration! (Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Soiree and almond butter.)

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