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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Monkey See, Monkey Do!

The supplies that you will need are 4 hole buttons, crochet thread,  and a size 7 crochet hook.
A bag of Buttons & size 7 crochet hook
If you have many colors of crochet thread and old buttons, this is a perfect craft for using up some of that stock pile. I saw this on Facebook and I got so excited that I had to try it right away.
Crochet thread
Start by pulling the thread through and creating a chain.  I had a button just under the size of a dime and I used a chain of five.
Attach thread to button and create a chain
I went all the way around the button repeating the process. I was surprised how quickly it went.  The tip of the crochet hook flowed easily in the button holes.
Connect through the second hole and continue
When I got to the starting point I connecting it with a slip stich and then I started creating the peddles.  Double, Triple, Triple, Triple, Triple, Triple, Double, single, repeat for each peddle.  
The last hole gets a second connection
Yowza! Before long, I had two! It is time to go to bed.  It is a good thing that I saw this so late in the evening.  Because if it was earlier in the evening, I think I might have drug out all the different colors of thread and made a pile of flowers.  They are SO FUN!
Single, double, triple *4-5, double, repeat
They are amazing fast to crochet.  It works on two button hole designs too!  So really any round button can be used as long as the hole is large enough for the crochet hook and threads that need to go through it.  Try it and have a blast!
My bouquet for you!

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