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Monday, October 6, 2014

Cheat Day?

I was at my dad's over the weekend and I planned ahead and premeasured several meals.  Saturday was day 6 and still had a regimented meal plan.  Sunday was the allowable "cheat day".  I don't like that terminology because it makes it sound like it is wrong.  
Cell photo by Trisha
One egg, 3 strips of bacon and tomato
Lunch was a small salad with a cup of veggies, half a cup of kidney beans and their special recipe for egg salad.  The largest meal of the day is lunch which has always made sense to me but at the same time it is difficult to do.
Cell photo by Trisha
Salad with kidney beans and egg salad
Oatmeal is made and protein powder added to it.  I added cinnamon and a little bit of nutmeg to it in order to add some added flavor.  One note that I have learned is that in a day you can eat carbs and fat but they should not be eaten together in the same meal.
Cell photo by Trisha
Oatmeal with cinnamon and protein powder
The evening meal was chicken with a cup of vegetables and sautéed spinach.  I referred to it as a stir fry because it was seasoned with a gluten free soy sauce.  I added cinnamon because the smell of the soy sauce was just a little too different for me.
Cell photo by Trisha
Chicken stir fry
Cheat Day!  I didn't take pictures of everything that I ate today simply because I forgot.  For breakfast Dad and I went down the road to a small café and I had a three egg omelet with bacon, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes.  It was pretty good.  Yes, I added a sprinkling of cinnamon.  It is good for the health.
Cell photo by Trisha
Three egg omelet with bacon, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes
Dad made homemade caramels.  They are so delicious.  Even if there wasn't a cheat day, I would have had one to two.  In life you need to keep balance.  That means you should not deprive yourself of your favorite foods.  Just don't pig out!
Cell photo by Trisha
Dad's homemade caramels
For lunch I had a grilled cheese sandwich on Ezekiel Bread and the last 1/2 cup of kidney beans.  And if you are wondering what this "Ezekiel Bread" is that I keep talking about? Ezekiel 4:9New International Version (NIV)“Take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt; put them in a storage jar and use them to make bread for yourself. You are to eat it during the 390 days you lie on your side." (
The interpretation is that the grains in the storage jar would have sprouted and therefore God was instructing him to eat a bread made from sprouted grains instead of ground grains.  I am not sure about that interpretation because I have put grain in storage jars for years to keep them dry and to stop them from sprouting.  Personally, I think that God was asking him to make a multi-grain bread with those specific ingredients.
Cell photo by Trisha
Salad on the run

I stopped partway home and bought a salad that I ate in the car before taking off again.  (Definitely not fast food meant for eating while driving.) When I got home in the evening, I picked up the three dogs and the four of us shared a small steak together.

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