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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Spoiled dogs

Every week I go at least once a week to the butcher shop (Knaus meat market).  It is our weekly treat to have a meal of butcher shop fresh meat.  It I also a treat for the dogs.  The butcher shop keeps the bones with a little bit of gristle on the edge and they smoke them.  

After they are smoked, they put them in a cart and we can buy them for the dogs.  Oh, do they LOVE them!  But they are such a big hit that they don't always have any on hand.  You can buy them individually at $1.75 or 7 for $10.  With three big dogs, I buy seven at a time.

They each choose a separate spot in the lawn that they are far enough away from the others that they don't need to worry about someone else "stealing" their bone.  

Misty Blue
It is amazing how they can use their front paws to position the bones so that they can eat them easier.  

We are well known at the butcher shop.  The owners are long time friend's with Dale.  I had just paid when he came out from the back room.  I am not sure what they were working with on the back counter but the "scraps" were dried and crunchy like rice cakes.  No, I did not eat them but I could hear it crunch as the dogs ate their treats.  It was nice to be in the right place at the right time. :^)

Baker's Special

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