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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Don't be chicken to use coconut flour

Saturday when I got back from Sauk Rapids, I needed to prepare the chicken legs for supper.  Dale likes to have them breaded and fried then finished off by baking.  I wanted to make them healthier at the same time.
Coconut flour and spices
I mixed together coconut flour and some of the Mrs. Dashes original seasoning.  Then I dusted the chicken legs in the coconut flour.
Browning in Olive Oil
The only oil that I have in the house for frying is olive oil.  I didn't need to use too much of it.  Just enough to brown the chicken legs before they bake.  I think the next time that I do this I think that I will coat it in egg first.  
Lined up in my stoneware
I put a little bit of chicken broth in the bottom on the pan before putting it into the oven.  Then I covered it with tin foil and let it bake while I colored my sisters hair.  It made a tasty, low carb, good fat evening meal along with the salad that I ate with it.
Cooked until it falls off the bone

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