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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, November 17, 2014

Raising Dobermans

When you raise dogs, and not in a puppy mill, you have a tendency to get attached to all of them.  It is difficult when something happens that they need to be re-housed.  We raise our litters in the house.  Yes, Dobermans are house dogs.  Some people believe because they are a large dog that they should be outside.  But their short hair does not allow them what they need to stay warm outside for long periods of time. In fact, our girls often aren't happy unless they are cuddled under a blanket.  I don't get expensive blankets. In fact, several of my "blankets" are nothing more that 4 feet of random fleece that I purchased.

Family Photo
Some important things to know about raising a Doberman. 
  1. They think they are a lap dog.
  2. The "dog bed" comes in twin, queen and king - you only think that it is yours.
  3. They want to go for a run many more times than you can take them.
  4. They play rough and with their mouth open.
  5. They are afraid of their shadows but boy will they protect you from that shadow.
  6. They are a fabulous dog for families with children.
  7. They will love you and spoil you much more than you could love and spoil them.
  8. They don't swim well but can be trained to play in the edge of water.
  9. There favorite spot is attached to you, where ever you go.
2 puppies visit Grandpa
We had the fabulous opportunity to have two of Sonjia's littermates join us on Sunday afternoon.  They had a fun time together.  Too bad there was so much snow this past week because it would have been wonderful to take them out to a field to run together for awhile.  Instead they played in the snowy, cold back yard for a few minutes then in the living room.
Playing in the back yard
Between Dale and I we have 3 Dobermans.  So he had a good section of the yard blown out for the girls to play in when Precious and Jade visited Sunday afternoon.

Grandma's baby takes queen of the hill to stand by Grandma

Yes, Sonjia is Grandma's baby and she found out if she ran onto the top of the snow bank in the back yard that she could lean against me before charging down the hill.

Time to go in!  Brrr it is cold

Below is the picture of Dale with Precious.  Precious was originally purchased and her first owner took her in to the vet to have her ears cropped.  She nearly died during the surgery. In fact, the owner was notified by the vets office that she wasn't going to make it.  Dale went to the vets office and was allowed to be with her in the operating room.  He kept talking to her, petting her and softly jiggling her legs and she pulled herself back to life. 
Grandpa with Precious
Precious joined her second owner, Sylvia on a horse farm in Northern Minnesota. She is living healthy and happy and it was so wonderful to see her visiting us.  

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