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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, November 10, 2014

First snowfall about 11 inches

It is the normal time for this but I am not really ready to see snow.  Sometimes, it comes a few inches at a time slowly building up.  This was a huge dump!  Although it depended on where you lived.  According to the weather report, my place was on the South side of the bulls-eye. 
I woke up to this....
The sky lightened late in the day.  I could still see snow falling. But the wind was blowing enough that I couldn't tell if it was the result of blowing or snowing. 
15 minutes of sunshine
Dale brought out the snow blower and blew out a couple of pathways in the yard for the dogs to run up and down.  They did enjoy it.  Before that point, I had to drag them outside to go potty.  After it was done, I put on my winter coat and boots and went outside with the girls to get them running a little bit more up and down the yard.  This was their exercise for the day instead of running in the fields in the country.  I think that might be out for the season.  (I guess it depends on how the wind blows in following days.)
Dog run
As you can see from my front roof, we had plenty of wind for today and they say that it is supposed to pick up tomorrow.  I just can't believe how much wind that we have had in the past year.  I wonder if that is one of the everyday things that we forget about. On the news they keep talking about how extra cold last winter was but I don't remember that.  Hmm....
Snow drift

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