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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sonjia's day with Grandma by Sonjia

Today I, Sonjia, went alone to St. Cloud and Sauk Rapids with Grandma.  One of Grandma's stops was at Wal-Mart where she bought a full bag of new tennis balls! We had plenty of time in the field behind the church to play with the new ball.  She didn't think that I knew how to play ball.  She started throwing snowballs, but they fell apart when I tried to pick them up.  :^(
I got the ball!
Snow! Who cares about the stuff.  I can run like a wild woman in the snow! Just look at me ~ wha ha ha!  Grandma do you see how fast I can run with this ball in my mouth!?!
Catch me if you can!
Grandma seems to think that I just need to drop the ball at her feet so she can pick it up then I need to chase after it when she throws it.  Take this Grandma! I got it and you gotta get it from me.
Ready, set ....
Grandma told me that I had big feet and she was surprised how I spread my toes apart and it helped me stay on top of the snow.  Hey Grandma, your feet are bigger than mine.  Why doesn't it work for you?
What do you mean big paws?
Can you see my smile with this ball in my mouth?  We are having so much fun.  I have all of grandma's attention.  I am her baby and I really like being with her all my myself today.
Look what I got!
After playing with the ball for awhile, I thought that I smelled something under the snow.  I had to do everything that I could to figure it out! What was hiding in the weeds?  Grandma was patient with me and she let me go all over the field and check out things under the snow.
Just a minute, I think I'm on the right track!
I got to go with alone because we went to Petsmart shopping.  I didn't have a jacket to wear and since I am the largest of the three dogs, I was the one to get the new jacket.  I liked it so much that when Grandma took it off, I came back and asked her to put it back on.  After a while it did get too hot to wear in the house.
Sonjia's new coat
Grandma also bought me a new necklace.  Mine was getting dirty and too small.  It was also difficult for Grandma to attached the leash to my last necklace.  Grandma said that this one will be easier. But the shopping and playtime wore me out.
Sonjia's new necklace

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