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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It took awhile but........

I finally tossed my old grungy pair of shoes.  I still have an almost identical pair of shoes that I still need to throw away.  What can I say, this style had a good arch and it was very comfortable.  The heal wasn't too good.  I slid my foot in and in no time, it started collapsing.
Bye-bye old friends
About 4 weeks ago for my birthday, I got a new pair of shoes for around the house.  It has taken me that long to throw one of the old pairs away.  My task for the winter is to find all of my shoes that have gotten scattered around the house and decide if they are good enough to keep, donate or if they need to be tossed.  I am really hard on shoes so I am expecting that most of them will need to be tossed.
Hello new friends
On a different thought, last weekend at the grocery store was the meat sale (5 for $19.99).  With Dale working more evenings I have had to cook more single meals.  So I decided to stock up on things that I could use and break it down.  I got ground turkey, chicken thighs and legs. I wasn't totally selfish I bought Dale some ground beef.  I know him, it won't be too long and he will be wanting to make chili.  He makes a mean chili! As you can tell my thoughts are pretty random today.  Don't forget it sometimes pays to buy in bulk and take the time needed to separate it. :^) 
Time to plan ahead and save some cash :^)

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