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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, November 23, 2014

A day above freezing!

We had about a foot of snow on the ground so we didn't hit 50 here but it was above freezing and raining outside. As the cars drove by, they were making ruts in the snowy, icy, slush.  Dale called to pick up the dogs during half time of the Vikings/Packer's football game.  I warned him to be ware because the streets were getting worse with each car driving by.  Our city isn't known for the city workers working on a Sunday.  I even mentioned to Dale that today would be a perfect day for the guys to get the plow out and clear off what they weren't able to when the storm hit.
City workers clearing the streets on Sunday
You can't believe how surprised I was when they went by the window.  Thanks city workers for putting in some overtime on a Sunday afternoon during the football game!
Hey! I can see tar again!
When I went shopping the other day, I picked up a quarter yard of this random fleece.  I wanted something that would braid and still give a variety of color.  
Random Fun Fabric
The girls had finally pulled and chewed apart their homemade toys.  It was time to toss out the old ones and replace them with new ones.  See! Once again, I am throwing things out (that is for those of you that don't think I ever throw things away.)  Although, I do make sure that what I throw away is well wore out.  
Time for new toys
Be careful driving over-night tonight and tomorrow morning.  The weather system is due to change again overnight and throw us into another stretch of below freezing weather.  This rain and warm weather will leave icy roads.  By the way, Vikings lost 21 to 24 at least it was a close game in the end.  It would be nice it they could win again.

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