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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Someone prayed for you today!

Radio station 98.5 KTIS has what they refer to as "prayer works". It is an area where you can sign in and post a prayer request.  I have posted a few prayer requests online over the years. 

Usually there are a flurry of prayers close to the posting dates.  For a few days or weeks.  Each time someone notes that they prayed for you a text message is sent.  (If you set up for texts.) Today out of the blue I received a text.

The timing was amazing!  A neighbor walked by that is harassing me. I am preparing to get a restraining against him. I could feel my blood pressure raise as I refrained from speaking my mind. That was when my phone pinged.

Later in the evening at the lake, I snapped a few pictures of the sun streaking through the clouds.  Look at the top of the clouds. Doesn't it look like the side view of two serpents? Maybe a double headed monster? The lower one has its mouth open.  And the light of God is beaming in from behind pushing the monster away.
Cell Photo by Trisha
Two-headed monster being pushed out of the way by God
Someone prayed for me today when God saw that I needed his help.  Then God gave me visual comfort because he understands that I am a visual person.

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