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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, May 10, 2014


A word of encouragement from the Lord.  Are you asking "how can that be a word of encouragement?"
Cell photo by Trisha
The word from the Lord ... Dance!
When we were in Elementary school, my sister and I took dance. I was five years old and then again in late elementary for a year.  That last year my sister, Tabatha, was in class with me. I don't remember being in a recital that year. I don't think I had the flexibility needed.

On the other hand Tabatha continued for several years.   She now attends a church where a few people will dance to the Lord during praise and worship. She has wanted to dance and I have encouraged her to dance but at the last minute ... She doesn't.

Today as Angela autographed a book that Tabatha purchased she added "Dance!" I made Tabatha go back and tell her how the Lord was speaking to her through that simple word. Angela replied that the Lord was talking to both of them.  Tabatha was going to dance and so was Angela. 
Cell photo by Trisha
God was speaking through your word...
When she left the event today, she was on the way out to California per the request of NBC. Tomorrow she will be involved in the taping of "Dancing with the Stars" as a good friend of hers is competing.  Watch on Monday evening to see if she makes the cut! She is hoping she gets to dance even a few steps on TV. But she had no idea how they were going to incorporate her into the show.
Cell photo by Trisha
Angela Thomas

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