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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, May 12, 2014

God whispered your name to me!

God speaks to everyone differently.  One of the ways he speaks to me are whispers mingled in amidst my thoughts.  Mostly names of people.  Friends that I haven't seen from or heard from in a long time when there names come into my active memory.

Driving around the area before the event started, the Lord whispered Linda in my ear.  A friend from years ago that now lived in the area that I was driving (I found that out the next day.) I knew the church we were going to fit around a thousand people.  What were the chances that I would get to see Linda?

Friday evening when my sister was taking pictures of the organ pipes at Wooddale church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, I remembered that the last time that I was there was for my college graduation from Crown College. It was a random memory of one of the last happy events while my mother was alive.

Saturday morning during the break I was talking with my sister in between the sales tables when I heard a voice. As I turned my head the woman speaking stepped in front of me close enough for me to reach out and hug. I am sure that I shocked her as I took her shoulders in my hands and said ,"Hey Linda it's Trisha!" Linda had also attended my college graduation with my parents, grandma Erickson, Aunt Paula and Uncle Alan.

Cell Photo belongs to Trisha
Finding Friends in Unexpected Places
I didn't ask her if I could post her picture so I put a heart sticker over her face.  God works in mysterious ways as long as we are willing to be open ourselves up to his leading.  God worked in both out hearts to move us to a spot where we could meet up and catch up.  A special blessing for the weekend.

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