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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Puppy see, puppy do

After Dale finished work this evening we took the dogs out for a boat ride.  Misty Blue has had a difficult time getting used to riding in the boat. 
Dale started out slow around the lake.  Duchess stood on the bow to get a better view.  Misty Blue had to see what she was missing and she stood on the bow.  I could see her going over in ten feet of water and I called her down.
Cell photo by Trisha
Duchess on the bow of the boat
Cell photo by Trisha
Misty Blue on the bow of the boat
With their paws on a small bench that holds the live well and bait storage, the girls took turns standing up tall and sticking their noses over the side of the boat.  Whatever Duchess did, Misty followed closely behind.  She is learning and Duchess is enjoying being the leader.  But at about ten months old, Misty Blue is fearless in all the wrong places.
Cell photo by Trisha
Duchess sticks her nose out the side of the boat
Cell photo by Trisha
Misty Blue sticks her nose out the side of the boat
As we pulled up to the dock, Duchess jumped out of the boat and onto the dock.  A combination between her slightly larger size and the fact that she jumped first, allowed her to hit the dock running.  Misty Blue with her slightly shorter legs and the boat was now further away as Duchess pushed off against it and Misty didn't make it.  Her front paws hit the dock and the rest of her body landed in the water and she was quickly dog paddling.  It looked at first like she was going to make it to shore until she started panicking.

That left nothing more to do than for grandma Trisha to jump out of the boat and into the lake.  We were too shallow for me to jump safely and it made Dale nervous as I cautiously stepped over the edge of the boat and dropped myself into the icy cold water (okay it was 66 degrees but still too cold).  I quickly made my way over to Misty. She was shallow enough that I could touch the ground with my head above water.  I slid my arms under her belly and supported her as she paddled closer to shore.  
Cell photo belongs to Trisha
Do I look like a drown rat?

Dale laughed at me when we took off and I slid my spring jacket on.  I had thought quickly enough to leave my jacket and shoes in the boat while I jumped out.  So I was able to get rid of my drenched shirt and wear a dry jacket.  That jacket wasn't so silly at that point. Dale found a float (the square life preservers designed to toss out to someone in the water) for me to sit on.  Sweat pants retain water too well! I think that with Mischievous Misty in the house, I may need to start taking spare clothes with when we go on boat rides.

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