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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, May 16, 2014

How is the weather today?

We were starting a company meeting today as one of the vice presidents of the company heckled me about 3 feet of snow in my yard (today). I told him it was a beautiful day; low to mid 50's and partly sunny.
During the meeting we did a company role call. Roger had put together a map of the US and placed our photos over the region where we live.   Another coworker lives an hour East of me. At this point in the meeting they asked her if I told the truth was it a beautiful day? She hadn't heard my description earlier and she said "No, it is cold.  In the mid 50's and mostly cloudy."
I couldn't help but laugh out loud.  Luckily I was muted. I wonder how many others heard both descriptions and realized they were the same with a different viewpoint.
The temperature dropped as the sun went down.  We stopped by Lake John on the way home for the dogs to run. It was a fabulous view! How could this be considered anything other than a beautiful day?
I was playing with the settings on my cell phone camera.  There is panoramic and fish eye along with a normal setting.
Cell photo by Trisha
Fish Eye View (6 photos together)
Cell photo by Trisha
Panoramic View
Cell photo by Trisha
Standard View

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