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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Satan's attack

Yesterday was a very bad day. It was one of those times when evil distorted the truth to get its own way.

That happens more and more all the time.   I learned many years ago to keep a CYA file (cover your ass). It came in handy yesterday.  I was able to pull out a conversation from the historical archives and prove that I had not said what I was being accused of saying.  I forwarded the document to those that needed to see it.

Not that it made a difference because evil has no interest in the truth.  I woke up this morning with another text message that someone had prayed for me. Twice within a week Satan has attacked and God has covered me with prayer warriors.

I must be doing something right for Satan to give me this much attention. And thanks to the prayer warriors who are willing to pray for people when God prompts them to pray.

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