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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Be Among Friends

Friday evening and Saturday morning, May 9-10, Wooddale church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota hosted a Kathy Troccoli conference. 
Cell photo by Trisha
Kathy Troccoli in concert
It was a beautiful time; a mountain top experience.
Without a formal count I would guess that there were 200-250 women in attendance.  My sister and her friend purchased tickets then sh received an email that she won 3 more tickets.  They invited 3 more people.  At the last minute one person didn't make it.
Cell photo by Trisha
Be Among Friends
The conference was a mix of Kathy Troccoli's music with worship music by Michelle Margiotta and teachings from both Kelly Minter and Angela Thomas. Every one on stage was truthful, transparent and tested.

Cell photo by Trisha
Kelly Minter
Friday evening in the hotel room the women in the room shared what they walked away with from the evening sessions.  We all heard the same messages but we all heard something different. The men I know would be more likely to say someone was right and the others were wrong. But as women we accept that the same words can mean entirely different things to different people.
I don't take notes because I've found that I never go and look at them. The key phrases and words that are sticking in my head from the weekend are as follows:
  • I am beautiful
  • God sees us (and faithfully responds)
  • God can use us any where if we are if we let him.
  • God works when we work with him.
  • When you call on God for help be ready to act.
  • Embrace your life.  Yes, it's your life.
    • Don't blame anyone for it
    • Don't try to pawn it off on someone else
    • Don't try to take someone else's life
    • Depend on God to walk with you through each day
  • God whispers
  • God is speaking you need to do your part and listen...that means taking time to be quite.
The last one I need to explain.  I am a thinker and as can happen in a large group, I was deprived of my reflective time by people needed to speak nearly non stop.  I don't mean that derrogetorily.  Their personality leads them to the physical need to talk.  They think through things by talking them out. But when they finished talking through their thoughts they kept on talking.

I am still working through my thoughts. But I wanted to share what a fabulous time that I had. I have already posted two other posts from the event including signing on stage with Kathy Troccoli.  (The photo below was taken before that event.) I have at least one more that I will post. 
Cell photo by Trisha
Kathy & Trisha

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