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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Go light your candle ...

A part of who I am is that I sign praise and worship to God. I don't sing. Maybe that is part of my dyslexia? (Bad joke) But I really do prefer to sign as a form of worship.
Cell photo by Tabatha
Among Friends
I spent Friday evening and Saturday morning at a Kathy Troccoli conference.  (Details in a later post.) I was signing like regular.  Then at the break a woman came up to speak with me. She told me that her daughters we in Thailand and Malaysia.

The daughter in Thailand arrived just as the government coup happen.  She is a sign language interpreter and is with a group of deaf students. If I understood correctly they are going to schools and helping.   This was her daughters first trip like this.  She mentioned it was going to be 30 days without speaking.  She has been concerned about her daughter. But when she saw me signing a wave of comfort rolled over her.

At the end of the event the last song was "Go Light Your Candle". As usual I was signing.  I didn't see Kathy flagging me to go up front until my sister pushed me into the aisle and said "go up there".
Cell photo by Tabatha
"Go Light Your Candle"
I used to regularly sign with the worship team of a church.  So I am not shy. There was around 200 women in the church and they all seemed blessed because I was willing to go when called. I didn't know all the words to the song but God helped me to hear them clearly. (Normally I would not wear a silk shawl when signing.)
Cell photo by Tabatha
I guess that I'm the hands of God     :^)

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