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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Creamy Cucumbers

One of Dale's favorite summer treats is Creamy Cucumbers.  He picked and pealed about a half dozen cucumbers.  These were about 5-6 inches long but still thin and not too seedy.  This slicer works nice to get consistent slices but please be careful.  You can tell that Dale is whipping pretty fast.  When he gets closer to the blade, he slows down so as to NOT cut his fingers on the blade.  It does come with holder that is four times larger than a cucumber.  (I used in with slicing the onion.)

cell photo by Trisha
Slice the Cucumbers
Dale usually chooses one good size onion to slice.  He likes the taste of raw onion. To make sure that the onion mixes well with the cucumbers, he separates the rings. 
Cell photo by Trisha
Add Sliced Onions
Dale's creamy mixture is never the same thing twice.  This time he used about 12 ounces of miracle whip, just a small amount of milk (sorry he didn't measure it), then he added salt and pepper.  We mixed it together well but it will need to sit overnight before he eats it.
Cell Photo by Trisha
Add Cream Sauce
The cream sauce will mix with the natural moisture from the cucumbers as it sits.  That is when the cream sauce will become creamier and infuse in the vegetables.  Personally, I only like cucumbers pickled.  But Dale absolutely loves them sliced with salt or creamed.

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