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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, July 26, 2013

True Confessions

I know!  If a confession isn't factual and true, it really isn't a confession.  Maybe I should have said, "Transparent Confessions"?  After all, that is what I am going to be in this article.  I have a really BAD habit.  It isn't anything more than that; a bad habit.

When I walk in the house I walk in through the kitchen. I usually have random things in my hand that I really don't want to take immediately past the kitchen.  They need to get put away but not necessarily in the main part of the house. As an example: A friend has a corner in the garden.  He picked yellow and green beans today and left some on the steps.  Once I put my purse and camera away, the beans went into the refrigerator. The problem is I don't always get back to do the "put away."

Photo by Trisha
The collection spot for incoming

Then going the other way (from the house through the kitchen), there are a lot of empty boxes that don't always get broken down on a timely basis.  Especially when the recycling bin is filled to overflowing.  (I don't get how a family can get by on just a couple bins.)

Photo by Trisha
Break it down or put it away
Dale is always heckling me that I don't get things put away.  I am very A.D.D. and I will often get things a few steps away from being put away and not get it into it's spot.  The large cooker needs to go on the top shelf in the pantry.  I need a ladder or stepstool to safely reach it.  It will get there (in due time.)

Photo by Trisha Field
WOW! I can use my stove again!
I prepare most of my meals at Dale's place.  I make a small breakfast or lunch but it is usually something microwaved or cold.  It is supposed to be much cooler this weekend.  So I was thinking about making a couple of batches of zucchini treats.  I could not safely do that with everything sitting on top of the stove.  Which meant that I needed to deal with my bad habit.

Photo by Trisha Field
And a clean table too?
Yes, I put away and tore down boxes.  This is just a start.  As I said, it is a bad habit and it will be difficult to continue to keep the tops cleared off!

In case you are wondering, I didn't find anything gross or unexpected in either place.

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