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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, July 29, 2013

Soap Box "Global Warming"

Sorry if I have jumped on this soap box before.  But there are two major things: 

First of all I was taught as a child that my state used to be covered by a glacier.  The growth of the glacier created lakes and other variations in the landscape.  That glacier melted filling the lakes with water.  Before there were cars, before there were major manufacturing facilities, before mankind could create greenhouse gasses (the green house effect), the earth was warming and major glaciers melted. 

Second, I have had people explain to me that a critical portion of global warming is really the extreme weather.  In other words breaking more and more records on a continual basis.  Sorry but to me that sounds like a political explanation covering up the fact that a big whoopla was made about something that it should not have been.  When they were exposed, they twisted the explanation to save face.

For three days, we have had record or near record lows.  The newscasters are referring to our weather as normal for the end of September.  This is supposed to be the hottest time of the year and the Northern corner of Minnesota is under a freeze warning for Sunday night. 

Cell Photo by Trisha
Something is goofy here!?!?
 My Jenny hates being covered by blankets most of the time.  But Duchess on the other hand, she loves blankets. I am taking advantage of the cooler weather and actually doing some baking with my garden fresh food.  Unexpected as this weather is for us; there are definitely perks to having a cool spell hit on a weekend.

Cell Photo by Trisha
Oh, It's Duchess! She was cold. 

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