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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, July 19, 2013

Tom Sawyer at Holdingford, Minnesota

Prairie Fire Children's Theatre and Holdingford Community Education presented Tom Sawyer Friday evening at 7PM.  There is a second performance at 10AM on Saturday too. 

From tryouts on Monday to performances beginning Friday evening.  These young children with the help of their parents learn their lines, their staging, stage presence and a few songs.  "The show must go on!" 

Huck & Tom
They did a great job!  Although, being that my nephew, Isaac, was Huck I might be a bit prejudiced....  I remember being in a summer school musical when I was about that age it was a special for the bi-centennial.  OH NO! I just aged myself!
Photo by Trisha Field
The ghouls
Turning on black lights, the ghouls came out of their graves to scare the towns people.

 And just look at those faces! They are scared.  They did a great job of showing expression, facing the audience when speaking and speaking loudly.  All things that are difficult for adults in theatrical groups to master.
Did Huck really just say "THAT!"?
Congratulations to the kids, the parents that helped them run lines and the theatre company, Prairie Fire Children's Theatre!  You were all awesome!

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