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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Do you see how you are blessed?

Here is a special, second Sunday posting.  Hope you have had a blessed day!

I volunteer for a church as the church treasurer.  I drive out of my way to get there.  I plan ahead and do whatever "big city" shopping that I need to when I go to the church.  I was blessed yesterday when I went there in a financial way.  I saved fifteen cents per tank of gas and I was under a quarter of a tank - woo hoo!

Dale works as a maintenance man in an assistance living center.  Recently a man transitioned from the assisted living center to the nursing home.  His family was moved to sell Dale the love seat for a reduced amount.  That in itself was a blessing. But to top if off, they gave him several other pieces of furniture at no extra charge. 

The bible tells us in many places that God "moved the heart of" and "soften the heart of" people.  He never forced anyone to do what he wanted.  A suggestion was made by another person, the holy spirit or sometimes even God himself and with a softened heart many times people will follow the suggestion.  Bad things happen to good people because we still have the freedom of choice and some people have such a hard heart that they refuse to follow the suggestion of a blessing. 

Back to seeing your blessings.  Many people get so used to seeing the everyday good in their lives that they forget those good things are blessings in life.  When the bad comes they begin to blame right away, but what happened to praising for the thirty blessings that surround the one problem.  When you are going through the trouble times in life (it is a part of life - trouble will be there.)  Focus on the blessings!  It will make the troubles more bearable.

Here I go counting a few of my blessings in pictures:

Photo by Trisha Field
1.  A Home to stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer and dry in a storm.
2. The beautiful flowers that God allows to bloom from the seeds I plant.
Photo by Trisha Field
3. A car to drive to work, the lake and other fun places.
4. My Jenny and Duchess, two Dobermans that love without judgment.
Photo by Trisha
5. My second book is at the typesetters (getting ready to publish!)

Photo by Trisha
6. My loving guy, Dale
I could go on and on with all the little blessings that God has bestowed upon me.  But every day, I look around with an attitude of thanks.  God has really blessed me!  May you see the blessings that he has given to you too.

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