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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Baby, baby it is flower time!

I plant my flower gardens with a variety of bloom times, color, texture and height. Just a few weeks ago, this section of the garden looked like a bunch of weeds.  Not that it was, but the green under the flowers can be deceptive.  That is not to say there are no weeds amidst the flowers.  After all, the weeds seem to grow faster than the flowers. 
Baby's Breath
For people that have never been by my gardens, suddenly one day they will just POP and the blooms start coming.  Then every 3-5 days you need to make your way by to see if something new is blooming.  I will need to get outside and cut some of the baby's breath this week to dry it before it is too late. 
An airy filler even in the garden
Many people pull out these Campanula Rapunculoides, commonly known as creeping bellflower.  They do just that they creep and can take over the entire garden.  I didn't plant them there.  So far the large sections of baby's breath have been keeping them under control. 
Goes well with wild flowers
Adding extra height to that section of the garden are some day lily plants.  They are also a plant that expands fast.  I remember in my early 20's my dad took some day lilies and tossed them out into the woods.  He didn't plant them.  He figured that they would die out.  The joke was on him.  There are now day lilies growing in the woods. 

Day lilies that look like Giraffes
I will share more pictures of the gardens in days to come.  I hope that you can enjoy the beauty and don't worry too much about the weeds.

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