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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

If money wasn't a worry, where would I be?

I would be outside watching the stars and the moon.

Photo by Trisha Field
Where's the Cheese? Beautiful Moon.
I would be on the lake: fishing and watching the loons.

Photo by Trisha Field
Loon Family
I would be out in nature looking for beautiful water falls.  I would love to have a place that has a water feature; a beautiful water fall and the soft waves hitting the shore in the morning.

Photo by Trisha Field
Water Fall
I love being outside.  Exploring the world that God has created.  I would in a heartbeat, leave the housework fall to the side in order to spend time outside.  Oh, I do that, never mind. The weather this week has been beautiful.  I did a little bit of gardening.  I was hoping to get out fishing with Dale but the wind has been too heavy to pan fish.  I have been able to take the girls (Dobermans) out in the country for their daily runs. 

There needs to be a time in our lives to de-stress and focus on relaxation.  For everyone that means something different.  A major part of me is to be able to spend some time outside especially in our short summer time.  Find the time or maybe I should say take the time to do the things you enjoy.  When I look at the things that I would do if money didn't matter, the only thing that I would need the money for would be to spend MORE time doing it.  You know that it would not surprise me to find out that money could actually stop me from spending more time doing what I like.

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