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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pedals from Heaven

Years ago, I put some flowers in my flower press.  I forgot they were there. That is until I went to press some flowers for a young friend.
Dried flowers decorating bottle
I was previously inspired by my friend,  Maria, to decorate bottles.  I wondered what it would be like to attach the dried flowers onto the bottle.  It needs another layer of modge podge but I like the outcome. 
Red, white and blue decorated bottle
Inspired by our national holiday this weekend,  I made one in ted, white, and blue.
Floral arrangement in decorated vase
I put a few flowers in the top (snowball plant and astilbe in one bottle and snowball plant and day lilies in the other.)
Floral arrangement in decorated vase
They can also be used as candle holders or just plain table decorations. 

As a footnote,  last night between midnight and 12:30 Duchess needed to go out. As I stood in the doorway admiring the brilliance of the stars, a wishing star flew by. In a way I guess a pedal from Heaven. (When I lived in Japan,  my friend called lightening "kami damage no hanabi." God's fireworks. The name hanabi is flower of fire. So wouldn't a meteorite be a pedal? )  I  had written the rest of the blog before midnight  Another God whisper of blessing.

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