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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


On the wings of a snow white dove,
he sent his only son,
a sign from above,
on the wings of a dove.
We were working in the barn this evening when Dale asked me to go into the house to pick something up. At this point, I don't remember what it was. What I do remember was: that when I walked out of the house there was a snow white dove sitting on the bridge over the water feature.
I carefully and slowly walked around the bridge. The dove watched me the whole time. It might have been something to do with my softly singing "On the Wings of a Dove". The other part is that this dove is used to being around people. It was banded with # 24.
Ironically we were banding the ducks this evening. Later in the evening I went upstairs to get ready for a late night meeting. There are times when I read the Bible and I see the same phrase three or four times. In Bible studies they always say when it's said multiple times that means it's very important. So this evening when I spotted a bag of Dove chocolates, I giggled.
Special treat
I guess that counts as God repeating something to me. After all twice in one day I was given the word Dove.

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