Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, June 13, 2016

Three days make a difference

I was only gone for 3 days but when it comes to a spring garden,  that is all it takes for a major change.
My pink surprise
These were the flowers that were left behind last fall when we purchased this hobby farm.  It will be like Christmas all summer long as I  watch the flowers bloom.  
Pink Wild Rose
I was excited to see that the old fashioned rose was a soft pink. The roses are just beginning to bloom. I've noticed that flowers often bloom by color. 
Pink Wild Rose
The pink peonies were taken down by the heavy winds in the storms last night.  I nearly missed their entire blooming season just by going out of town for the weekend. 
Pink Peonies
My strawberries are fighting to take off in the new garden.  Give it 3 years and I'll be giving a ton of them away.
Strawberry plant
The frying chickens have almost all of their feathers.  When I left, they were sickly looking because their feathers had not grown in yet. I can't believe how big they are already!
Fryer Chickens

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