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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ninebark, Diablo

At the corner of the house is a shrub that is a rich dark green and burgundy leaves.  I love the pop of colors. 
Ninebark, Diablo
Even more exciting is that the flowers appear at every stage. When the flowers are in bloom, they look like delicate soft balls of lace. Their faint pink color surrounding the bright yellow creates an offset against the green and burgundy.
Ninebark, Diablo blossom
Once the pollination is complete, the balls of delicate flowers begin to change.  They become a Rosie-peach and their texture begins to change. 
Fading blossom
As the seed pods form, they turn brilliant bright red. The pods form a 5 point star.  I think the thing that has me mesmerized about the Ninebark Diablo is that while it is blooming you can see all of the colors and textures together at the same time. 
Ninebark, Diablo (all stages of bloom)

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