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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Craving protein

This is an awesome Paleo recipe: Inside out bacon cheeseburger
A package of bacon
A pound of hamburger
Garlic and Onion to taste
1 cup cheese of choice
Everything is better with bacon
Begin by weaving the bacon together.  Today I was using thick cut bacon.  The pro is that it weaves easier.  The con is that it makes a smaller base.
Cover with hamburger
I evenly pressed the hamburger over a majority of the bacon.  Notice that I left about 1 width of bacon empty.  You will need that a you roll it in order to help secure it.
I love garlic
I still have a little bit of last years garden fresh garlic.  I chopped about 5 cloves.  I have to laugh at the recipes that call for 1-2 cloves.  Really?  Be brave!
OH! Garden fresh red onion
This spring I planted about 100 red and 100 white onions.  I knew that they weren't ready yet.  But at the same time, I knew that you can use a premature onion like a chive by using part of the greens and everything in-between.
A layer of onions will add taste
Doesn't it look good with the onion mixed in with the greens?  In this section, you can add whatever you want to add.  Just remember that you will be rolling this up and you don't want it to get too thick. I never really measure the cheese.  I just put a good covering over top of it.  But I always have at least 2 cups of shredded cheese in the refrigerator so I know that I won't be short.
Cheddar Cheese
As you can imagine, at this point the bacon will not be cooperative.  Use the foil that you put down as a base to roll everything together. Don't forget to stop short (remember the section that was left without topping - this is why.) Roll up the uncovered bacon from the other side then use toothpicks to secure it.
Use the foil to begin rolling 
Double wrap the foil so that when it cooks, the bacon grease won't cause problems.  My sister buys disposable aluminum pans and puts it in there instead of wrapping it.  Then put it on the grill.  I like the way I do it because then I can turn it and the bacon cooks a little more evenly on each side.  On the opposite side of the spectrum, you can't see if it is burning.
Double wrap the foil
We put this on the gas grill.  A couple toothpicks poked out allowing bacon grease out and causing a few flames. Every 15 minutes it was turned for about an hour. 
As long as you don't look at the end or the bottom, it turned out wonderfully! I don't mind well done bacon.  It was very delicious!

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