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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, June 10, 2016

Lost and Found

I was certain that in the unpacking process I had accidentally tossed an earring out with the tissue paper. I made sure that the other earring did not get thrown away.  I recently had a different earring go missing for a couple of years.
The danger of magnetic necklaces.
I had two handmade necklaces which had magnetic beads in the string.  Unknown to me, one of my earrings ended up wrapped up within the two necklaces. I didn't hang up the necklaces because they don't hand well in a batch of necklaces.  Last night when I was looking for something different inside of my jewelry case, I picked up and turned over the necklaces.
Found: Hummingbird earring
It was then that my eye caught a flash of gold that did not belong to the necklace.  To my disbelief the earring was sitting there, tucked into the necklace and being held by both the shepherd hook hanger and the magnetic beads.  This pair of earrings is one that has a special meaning to me.  It was a gift to myself from a trip to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.
Back together again; hummingbird earrings
I like a variety of jewelry styles.  But when attending the Renaissance Festival, I like to wear jewelry that is handmade and more authentic to the period.  I would bet that they had clip on or curl on earrings during that era.  But these are hand-crafted and beautiful.

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