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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, August 21, 2015

Foodie Alert! Visit to Peli Peli

Call ahead for reservations or don't. We got lucky and we didn't know how lucky we got!  We went to the Galleria in Houston, Texas after work.  It is a huge place to get some walking in and they have some wonderful shops (expensive but wonderful). 
The art in the back bar is done by  David Garibaldi.  They also have playing a video of him creating the paintings on black canvas.  Isn't that interesting?  I've been talking about creating a special painting on a black canvas.   Hmmm. Even more inspiration! See why I posted two posts yesterday?  This part would not have made sense if you didn't read "A bit sketchy".
Art by David Garibaldi
Russ had mentioned going out for steak a couple of times this week.  I couldn't take it another day.  I was craving a good cut of meat!  When they mentioned going to the Galleria, I agreed as long as we stopped by a steak house for supper.  Wha-ha-ha!  The steak absolutely melted in my mouth!  It was a wonderful cut of Angus beef and prepared exactly to my specifications.  The sauce was a mouth watering garlic butter.
Garlic Steak with a side of green beans and sweet potato fries
When I'm traveling, I like to treat myself to a special dessert (usually on steak night).  You know my theory, "If you are going to be bad then be really - really bad!"  They had two different kinds of cheesecakes and well .... many other delicious sounding desserts.  I shared.  But the others let me down and only took a few small bites.  I am pleasantly stuffed.  
South African Toffee Cheesecake
I started out by saying that we didn't realize how lucky that we got.  We were naïve and didn't realize when we walked by that we needed to have reservations.  We got there just after 7:00 PM and the first opening was after 9:30.  But they had a few chairs open in the bar.  We were walked through a large, full and noisy dining room.
Servers Extraordinaire!
When we got back to the bar area and it was noisy but quieter than the main dining area.  There were three chairs open in a row.  We sat down and our adventure began as our servers greeted us with these fabulous smiles.  We got lucky because we had the best servers in the house!  Peli Peli is the place to go for fabulous smiles serving scrumptious food in an artistic atmosphere (in the bar section anyways.)

I will add (since anyone that follows me knows that I have some weird allergies) ordering international food can be a challenge.  The servers involved one of the managers to make sure that my food was prepared to my specification and totally allergy free.

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