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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, December 16, 2013

It's a God thing!

I might have had that title in the past.  Forgive me if it is a duplicate but then again you might see it in the future again because I have seen God move in my life in special ways that can only be called "a God thing".

I have shared in the past that I have elevated levels of lead and mercury in my body.  I go to a specialist for this.  His name is Dr. Thomas A Sult (

My check in time was at 11:15 AM.  In my head, I had "leave my house at 9 AM. Drop off the dogs at Dale's and stop by the post office before heading out of town."  That was a good forty-five minutes to an hour early.  Was Dale rubbing off on me? OH NO!

I pulled into Willmar over an hour ahead of time.  So I quickly ran through a department store to pick up a couple of gift bags.  When I arrived at the office, I was still excessively early but exactly on-time!  I was surprised to walk in and see a long time friend that is close to my father's age.  She was the woman that originally referred me to Dr. Sult. 

My friend has significant allergies and very delicate health.  She also lost her mother in the last few weeks. It doesn't  matter how young or old you are when you lose your parent it is still difficult. Because of her health situation, she does not accept hugs.  But today when we saw each other, we both recognized it as a God thing and when I asked if she could handle a hug today she said "No" and opened her arms to receive a hug.

God knew that she needed a hug from a long-time friend and God moved my butt to be there extra early and exactly on-time.

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