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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cold, colder or coldest

I saw a map of the US today and there was only one place in the US that was being considered "warm" and that was Florida.  We are having January sub-below zero in early December so then what will we have in January?

They are predicting that the high temperature will be -1 and on top of it there will be a wind which means it will "feel" much colder than what it actually is outside.  I am thankful that I am working at home!  I might even bake a batch of cookies just to add some warmth to the house. 

It is 79 degrees and fair in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I will be there soon enough.  (Always look at the bright side of life.)  I will get away from some of the cold weather this winter. 

Why do I live in a place that gets this cold? There aren't any places in the US that can guarantee no freezing temperatures.  I figure that as long as I need to deal with the cold temperatures it might as well be in a place that is prepared for it.

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