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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The worst Christmas ads of the season...

From the ads that I've seen so far the ones that fill in my "repulsive" category all belong to K-Mart.  Yes, they catch your eye but they are so absolutely repulsive that I will mute, pause, or fast-forward through the commercials.  More over, when I pass the store I do just that an drive right by still repulsed.

The first commercial was a males bell choir that at the end of the song the traditional table with the bells disappears and the men are standing in their "Joe Boxer" shorts and play jingle balls.  An all time low for a Christmas commercial.

The other commercials are just in the overboard annoying category.  Where people return from the store and are suddenly GIFing-out. In a celebratory mode the people repeat the same few seconds over an over again.  Gee just what I want to do.  I want to go shopping at your store during a potentially stressful season and return home to absolutely freak out and go insane.  Yup, that sounds like something I would want - NOT!  RUN, Trisha, run!  

Just in case anyone is in advertising and reading this note I want you to know.  K-mart has lost my business this season because their ads are annoying and repulsive to the point that they have pushed me away.  So there is a point when an ads "look at me" goes overboard to a level of "gag-me!"

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