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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, December 2, 2013

It is HERE!

Today is December 2nd so it should not be a surprise.  But winter has arrived.  We had the cold for awhile now.  But today sealed it.  The SNOW came down in enormously huge flakes."?> (Those last three characters are what Misty Blue had to write about seeing snow for the first time.)  Just in case you didn't realize snow is a 4-letter word. Although some people use the word with great joy, others say that it is a swear word.

Photo by Trisha Field
First Snow of the Year
It was a beautiful snowfall with large fluffy snowflakes that stuck together on the way down.  It was a day that I was glad to be working at an in home office for two reasons.  Instead of taking a traditional lunch break, I took two naps to help recover from the flu I had over the weekend.  Then the best part was that I didn't have to drive home after the first snowfall of the year. 

Photo by Trisha Field
Ready or not winter is here!
Yes, winter is my love/hate relationship.  There are parts about it that I love and other parts that I hate.  But yet I don't move away from here.  So I guess that I don't hate it too much.

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