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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, April 8, 2013

My Jenny, Forest, Big Duke, Daisy and Chewbacca

If you think someone it getting ready to talk about movies you couldn't be more wrong.  My Jenny is our year old red/rust Doberman.  Forest is a black/rust male from this litter.  Big Duke is a red/rust male from this litter.  Daisy and Chewbacca are black/rust females. 

Raising a litter of Dobermans a year is not a profit making venture.  By the time we pay for vet bills, food, the extra water for shampooing the carpeting 2-3 times a week and daily washing of blankets it costs us a lot of money.  We don't have a heated outdoor facility that can be sprayed down periodically.  We raise the puppies in the house. A pen area on the edge of the kitchen (with a linoleum floor.) We use the "potty patch" inside the pen to give them a safe place to go potty overnight or when we are gone. 

They get let outside about every three hours.  We go at least once a day out in the country to let the dogs and puppies run in the pasture.  And they get free run of the kitchen and living room for several hours a day (thus shampooing the carpeting several times a week.)  Potty training one puppy goes pretty good.  Potty training this many puppies at one time is a HUGE challenge.  So we are very excited to say, "no puppy pooped in the house today"  YEAH!

Photo by Trisha Field
My Jenny - 14 months old
Photo by Trisha Field
Forest proud owner of Big Stick 
All the other puppies had picked up nick-names from us and we were referring to this sweetheart as "Camo-collar" and we couldn't hardly call him and expect him to come by Camo.  We considered, Sarge, Norman (Schwarzkopf) but Forest won out.  Both a soldier and a connection with "My Jenny". (lol)

Photo by Trisha Field
Big Duke
By the size of his paws we expect this male to be the largest of the litter.  He is tentatively sold but the future owners keep putting off the day that they can pick him up. 

Photo by Trisha Field
Her collar has little flowers on it and what can I say, I was calling "Duke!" and "Daisy!" just slipped out.  She answers to it so I guess it was meant to be.

Photo by Trisha Field
 I know, Chewbacca is not really a girls name.  But she lays in my arms and before I know it she is chewing on my chin, my collar, or anything that she can nonchalantly get into her mouth.  I try to keep bones handy.  She is a puppy!

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